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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 10, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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closing to pass along this morning.. rising star academy in the city is closed because of water damage from a burst pipe in the building.staff reports to lake clifton campus. 3
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3 3 he awarded a multi-million dollar contract to a former some are critizing baltimore county's school superintendent for not accepting more offers.joe hairston is speaking out about the, now, controversial contract... something he rarely does.megan gilliland is live with a story you saw first on fox. good morning patrice,hairston is paid more than 300-thousand dollars a year to oversee the baltimore county school has more than a 1-point-three billion dollar budget.but this morning, critics are questioning how he spent some of that money. money.hairston awarded a 4-million dollar contract to a
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georgia software company... for a student data tracking system in 2000.the company is owned by one of hairston's former employees... that he knew when he lived and worked in georgia.but, critics say hairston awarded the contract, without eeking competitive offers from other companies. hairston... says there was no bidding process for this contract... because at the time, edutrax was the only company with the right software.and in an un- characteristic moment, hairston speaks out publically... defending himself... (hairston) "let's face it, the people who are criticizing.. you have to eeamine them first and their motives behind the cr" criticism.."some lawmakers... are introducing a bill... that calls for more transparency and more openess in county school spending... that would include a website. but again, hairston defends himself ang the school system, saying baltimore county public schools are already clearly accountable. megan gilliland, fox45 morning ews.
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3 residents in one northeast baltimore neiggborhood are fighting back against crime. crime.together... they helped police catch a murder suspect... suspect... who's accused of killing 19-year-old craig manuel.the victim was shot and killed on gorsuch avenue monday afternoon. by tuesday... police had in their cuutody... 18-year-old isaacier mcqueen. police say they were able to catch the suspect .. thanks to neighbors... who spoke out about what they saw. 3 "it's difficult, it's hard in some cases to get cooperation from witnesses and things but we're working real hard to try to make baltimore safer and as you can see when people partner with the police department we can do that pretty affectively." 3 baltimore city police are still investigating the disappearance of phylicia barnes. the 16 year old from north carolina was visiting family in baltimore for christmas when she disappeared. disappeared.police say they've had 120 tip calls about her disappearance... but their
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investigation still hasn't gotten very far. far. barnes was last seen on december 28th...leaving the reisterstown square apartments near the plaza. police ask anyone who was in the area on that day...who saw anything suspicious to call them. 3&investigators working on the taking calls 24-7... at the number on your screen... 1-855-223-0033. we want to hear about how áyou'reá fighting back against crime. tell us what you're doing in your community. just call our hotline at 410-662-1456. congresswoman gabrielle giffords takes another big step towards recovery.. after being shot in the head during a shooting rampage in tucson last month.giffords is now able to speak a few words.. which doctors say is a very important milestone when recovering from a brain injury. the congresswoman is continuing her rehab in houston. they've had the same names for several state lawmakers say two western maryland mountains.. need new o.
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ones.9 senators want to create a commission to rename "negro" and "polish" mountaan.they say the names need to be modernized.. but other state leaders call the move &p"asinine." lisa gladdenin;"it was amazing" " out;"anymoree" jim raleyin;"certainly" out;"about it" negro mountain wws named for an afrrcan american scout who died on the mountain in the french- indian's believed polish mountain was first called "polished" mountain. whether you need a new car, or just like dreaminn about the one you'll never have, the next four days are for you. the the 2011 motor trend international uto show starts today, and joel d. smith is live at the convention center with all the latest models, plus some we may never actually see on the road.
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good morning joel d. good orning patrice, (ad lib) live at the convention center, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news.
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3 a dramatic crash... caught on happened in virginia.a driver slides off the road... gets out of his car... and later... áanotherá truck hits a patch of ice... sliding right into the parked truck. the man sees what's coming... and quickly dodges out of the way.luckily... no one was seriously hurt. this is the day many verizon customers have been waiting for.the i-phone goes on sale today at verizon stores across the nation.this ends a-t-and-
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t's monopply on apple's popular phone.customees may face long lines and long waits to get the device.verizon could sell two-million i- phones this quarter and nine- million thii year. 3 it was quite possibly the quickest american idol audition ever. ever.áástart with his entranceáásinging nats well that was quick... no. no.the judges took their last stop in their search for the next superstar to san francisco.. and had already heard thousands of they just didn't have the time.. or energy.. to humor poor kenneth. can catch all new episodes of american idol wedsnesday and thursday nights at 8 right here on fox45. coming up on the early edition... could that glass of red wine.. hold the fountain
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of youth? youth? (13:26:18) "our knowledge of resveratrol has grown exponetially...." exponetially...."the health benefits one study reveals.. that could put years back on your life.'s back to work and back to the morning commute. here's a live look of 95 at joppa road..the coast is clear in both directions.i'll show you what parts of 97 look like coming up in the traffic edge're watching fox45 early edition. ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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closing to pass along this morning.. rising star academy in the city is closed because of water damage from a burst pipe in the building.staff reports to lake clifton campus. mary's county schools are opening 2 hours late today. weather))toss to 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map benfield map
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fiber map wilknes map coming up... the secret to staying oung... may come in a . medication.
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cain>the thing scientists want to put in a pill......and just how effective it could be. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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38 for the longest time, everyone from plastic surgeons to snake oil salesmen have promised a ticket to eternal youth.but scientists seem to
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be on the verge of something promising.jeff abell shows us why red wine is giving new hope. hope... for a "miracle pill." pill." (exterior waxter center) (14:49:48) (audio) "tell me whennyou're ready..." (14:49:30) (nats c-d in deck) (nats music/dancing) twice a week at the waxter center..... seniors....take another bold step.... (14:52:52) (quick nats toe tapping) toward younger age... (14:52:23) (laughs) "get em gloria....!" (15:11:44) "i found that a lot of em who couldn't move when they first came in are more active now..." (14:54:33) (nats dancer with cane) dancing may keep them feeling young... but they have their own secrets to staying young... (14:57:300 "i cut out a loo of bread-eatin'...." (15:06:08) "i'm always doing something...." (15:39:54) "the more you laugh....the longer you live...." (15:35:42) (group laughs) but lately, researchers have uncovered a new secret to longevity.... they believe they've found time in
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a bottle.... (15:05:48) (pop cork wine bottle) found in red wine, called ance res-vera-trol, could someday be the ingredient to a longer, healthier life. (13:26:18) "our knowledge of resveratrol has grown exponetially...." doctor rafael decabo is a researcher at the national institute for aging. he spent years studying the effects of res- vera-trol on mice.... ann what he discovered was even in overweight mice, res-vera-trol, prevented heart disease and other age-related illnesses...." (13:21:57) (decabo) "we know that when we apply resveratrol to mice we saw affects from the low doses to high doses but the effects were different..." while res-vera-trol made mice did not, decabo says, make them live longer. but his research did raise hope....that the compound found in red wine....could someday make humans healthier in heir aging years. (15:43:57)
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"just think....longevity....!" but the possibility of a pill which could slow the effects of aging....isn't necessarily an easy sell... (15:07:06) "it depends what you're doing at the present times, whether you wanna go on with your life cause some ppople are miserable..." (15:43:14) "what about eating right. more vegetables and more fruit..." (15:43:25) "what about that pill? see what i'm saying...?" res-vera-trol has never been studied in humans.... but docttr decabo, who's now researching its effect on monkeys, is encouraged.... (13:34:50) "our society will be much healthier as we move forward...." (dancing nats) "5-6-7-8...." someday, growing old....may not mean feeling old.... (14:58:32) "i'm not saying i wanna live til 100....(nats ?)....but i wanna live as long as i can.... (dancing nats?) jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten... coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... thinking of popping open some bubbly this valentine's day?
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the champagnes that give you the best bang for your buck. buck. and next.. maryland still has its tournament hopes alive... see if they took carr of business against longwood in sports. ((break 3))
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3 coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... harsh words.. for a troubled actress. actress. you're no different than anyone else! a judge's stern warning.. for pindsay lohan. lohan.
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